Spring Renewal

Dear Friends,

It’s been a long time since we last came together for a Yuba Village gathering.  We’ve missed you!  We’ve heard from a number of folks wondering what our plans are and what’s brewing for 2018.  Most of you probably know that last summer we produced an amazing 7 day community gathering and cultural festival called the Yuba Village Building Convergence.  It began on the Summer Solstice with a community potluck and spiral dance led by Starhawk, included amazing hands-on placemaking work days at 3 sites, educational workshops by Mark Lakeman, Penny Livingston, Starhawk, and many others, music by Ayla Nereo, Marie Sioux and more, evening communal meals, night time dance parties, a farm to table dinner on Commercial St, more awesomeness than can be listed here, and culminated in an ecstatic dance party in the street!  Whew!  For many of us in the organizing circles, it was the biggest production we’d ever been involved in!

After it was all over, most of us organizers were very exhausted from having over extended ourselves, some of us were even a bit traumatized by how much we took on.  We had dozens of volunteers, but we could have used 10 times as many.  On the one hand, there was the desire to continue having monthly potlucks, which had begun as an organizing method for the VBC, but had become a regular part of our community experience.  But on the other hand, combined with our exhaustion was some internal friction between some members of our core circles.  Rather than just charge ahead and keep the train rolling, we decided to take a break and invest as much time as was needed to reflect, process, and communicate about any and all frictions and problems that had arisen both in the event and between individuals in our circles.  We felt it was most important in the long for us to be really harmonious.  Within this time some of us, my self included, were traveling a lot – I embarked on 4 back to back music tours of the western US in late 2017 followed by several weeks with family out of town – and even planning meetings was difficult, none the less public potluck gatherings.  In other words, life happened for most of us.

Since then, we had a few meetings to discuss ideas, but so far we have yet to make any definite plans for a VBC for 2018.  But one thing is clear, we miss our monthly potlucks, and we’d love to connect, commune, and break bread with our village again.  So we will be beginning a monthly potluck every Second Sunday of every month.  The first will be a May 13 Mother’s Day gathering, 12 PM to 3 PM at Pioneer Park Picnic Are Left, way in the back in the outdoor kitchen area in the woods next to the creek.  We’ll celebrate all of our mothers: our beloved ones who gave birth to us and our community, our local river Yuba, called “sister who carries our troubles away” by the Nisenan, and of course our mother earth, Gaia, upon whose abundance we depend daily.  Please join us for a potluck and let’s commune, reconnect, and exchange ideas for what our community can be in 2018 and beyond.

We would love to see you and to hear your ideas, visions, and excitement for what our community and Yuba Village gatherings can be for 2018.

Thomas Spellman