Welcome to Yuba Village

Yuba Village envisions a world filled with communities who prioritize the intrinsic value of human connection, conscious creation of place, and care for the water and land where we live. We are producing the second annual Yuba Village Building convergence June 20th-24th 2018 with the aim of bridging community connection through building and beautifying projects. Get involved with our Yuba Village!

Dear Friends,

We’ve missed you!  It’s been a long time since we last came together for a Yuba Village gathering. We’ve heard from a number of folks wondering where we’ve been and what’s brewing for 2018.  You can read the longer story here.

The short story is that we miss our monthly potlucks and we’d love to connect, commune, and break bread with the village again.  You’re invited to a Mother’s Day potluck gathering May 13th, 12 PM to 3 PM at Pioneer Park Picnic Area Left, in the outdoor kitchen area next to the creek.

We’ll celebrate all of our mothers: those wonderful ones who gave birth to us and our community, our local river Yuba, called “sister who carries our troubles away” by the Nisenan, and of course our mother earth, Gaia, upon whose abundance we depend daily.  Please join us for a light potluck and let’s commune, reconnect, and exchange ideas for what our community can be in 2018 and beyond.

We would love to see you and to hear your ideas, visions, and excitement for what our community and Yuba Village gatherings can be for 2018.

Thomas Spellman